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Apollo Bay landbased fishing competition 22/23 July
We had a great weekend at Apollo bay last weekend. With 8 members attending it was hard fishing.

On Fridays drive down the weather was looking amazing but by Friday night it had turned unsettled very quickly.

Saturday we rose to strong northerly winds and light patchy showers. Some headed down to the beach and others to local estuaries.

Brad Gusman was first on the board with a 31cm Australian salmon caught off the beach spinning lures.

The sun rose and it was as hard as we imagined the fishing was going to be with the unsettled weather and winds blowing in excess of 25 knots at times.

By mid morning the clouds started to break apart and sunshine was upon us and gave us some inspiration for the mid morning tide change.

Even on that tide change and trying multiple locations and lots of different techniques that normally work, still only the one fish had been weighed in.

It wasn't until late on Saturday afternoon that Nick Falzon managed a nice 30.5 cm salmon.

Sunday morning brought heavier rain early and it wasn't until after 9am that Paul Magnay landed this nice 35cm bream.

The wrap up of the weekend

1st place (6pts)
Paul Magnay with a 35cm bream

2nd place (5pts)
Brad Gusman With a 31cm Australian salmon

3rd place (4pts)
Nick Falzon With a 30.5cm Australian salmon

Conny Falzon, Melissa Magnay, Scott Gusman, Joanne Harazti and Todd Gusman will receive 1pt each for attending.

Over all it was a great weekend and we hope to see you at our next one.

3rd Nick falzon's Salmon (30.5cm)               2nd Brad Gusman's Salmon (31cm)                        1st Paul Magnay's Bream (35cm)

Tambo River Club Comp 23/24 September

We had 20 members attend the Tambo River Club Comp over the weekend. We all stayed at Lealow Caravan Park,. Sun was out Saturday and most of the weekend but unfortunately, so was the wind which made fishing hard for most of the day. Both mornings presented ideal conditions until about 9.30am (when the wind hit) and found this was when most fish were being caught. Anyway, as you will see from the top 5 Anglers below there were some very good Bream weighed in. Great to see that all the bigger fish (750g plus) were all released after weighing and swam away nicely. Results were very close with only 15pts seperating 1st and 5th place. All Fish were caught on 2kg line
1st Scott Gusman (Junior) Bream 1.11kg 66.6pts
2nd Wayne Drewry Bream 970g 58.2pts
3rd Freddy Ahmar Bream 960g 57.6pts
4th Rhoda Ahmar Bream 520g & Trevally 340g 56.7pts
5th Bradley Gusman Bream 860g 51.6pts

                                                                                                     Scott Gusman's 40cm, 1.11kg comp winning Bream

Purrembete ANSA Convention 21/22 October

Plenty of fish caught over the weekend at the Purrembete ANSA Convention by our members. For those who may not know the basics of these ANSA comps is to weigh only 1 fish of each species (They must make a minimun of 25pts for seniors, which in most cases is 500g). The lighter the line they are caught on the more points you get. The minimum line class you can fish is 2kg, so all our members choose to use this. Teams within the club are made, and they fish to represent the club. 4 anglers from the club make a single team, and their points are added up together. The team with the highest amount of points is the winner, in turn being the winning club. So not only are these weekends great for catching fish, but also for a social weekend as we are all representing the club, we are working together to try and get as many different species for each other.
Well done to Nick Falzon and Scott Gusman who both managed to weigh in 4 different species. 

1st- Nick Falzon with a Brown Trout (2.369kg), Rainbow Trout (1kg), Redfin (930g) and a Chinnok Salmon (740g) all adding up to 259.51pts

2nd- Scott Gusman with a Brown Trout (1.12kg), Rainbow Trout (1.226kg), Redfin (576g) and a Chinnok Salmon (735g) all adding up to 190.36 pts

3rd- Wayne Zita with a Chinnok Salmon (983g), Rainbow Trout (1.093kg) and a Redfin (968g) all adding up to 162.03pts

The Senior Team came second and the junior team won with only one member in the team.

                                                 Nick Falzon's 2.3kg Brown Trout


Nick Falzon and Wayne Zita's                                                                 Scott Gusman's 1.2kg Rainbow 

Redfin                                                                                                         Trout                                              Nick Falzon and Wayne Zita's

                                                                                                                                                                            Chinnok Salmon

Snapper Club Comp Sunday 29th October

We had 11 members fish in increasingly difficult conditions. A few fish caught around dawn but generally hard going - although persistence paid off for some!

Congratulations to Scott Gusman our winner with a 6.7kg specimen. Just pipping his dad Brad whose fish went 6.4kg.

Other fish weighed in were Nick Falzon 3.4kg, Wayne Zita 2.6kg and Melissa Magnay 2.04kg.

                                       Scott Gusman's 6.7kg Snapper                                             Brad Gusman's 6.4kg Snapper

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