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The Williamstown Sportfishing & Game Club was set up in 1979 by Tony Falzon to help the local fisherpeople get the knowledge and experience needed to be able to go out in the deep and catch gamefish like Marlin, Shark, Tuna, etc. mainly in Bermagui, but over the last few years this has expanded to all parts of the world with members using the knowledge gained to fish other countries as well as our own.



Originally the boats used were from 15 foot upwards, going 12 + miles out to sea, but we now have boats in our fleet over 30 feet in length, with the most common size being around 18 feet. We still cater mainly for gamefishing, but most of our members also enthusiastically chase anything that has fins (especially mermaids).



Our method of fishing encompasses 

A.N.S.A and I.G.F.A. rules and ideals, with the idea being to catch the heaviest fish on the lightest line, which combined with each fish's"Fighting Factor", gives a point tally to each capture. eg. a snapper has a fighting factor of 1.0... a 7.3kg fish caught on 2kg breaking strain line will give a total of ....1.0 x 7.3 / 2 = 365 points....



We also actively encourage family participation in our sport and have regular competitions for both junior members and seniors as well as a dedicated ladies fishing day. Have a look through our photo galleries and calender and please contact us if you require additional information.



About us

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